SBA Loan – Credit Card Issue (Divorce Debt Co-Signed by Borrower)


1. Borrower wants to refinance his business debt

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2. Borrower went through a divorce to a trial

3. Borrower and Ex-Spouse were ordered to        split the credit card debt and were                      responsible for paying off their portion of        the debt

4. Borrower’s Ex-Spouse did not pay off the          court ordered debt

5. This debt is found on the Borrower’s Credit      Report as a charge off


1. Borrower cannot obtain an SBA Loan until this credit issue is
dealt with.

2. Bills to be paid off total $25,000

Where: Milwaukee, WI

When: As soon as this issue is resolved, the loan can close


1. Borrower went through all his options including friends,
relatives, reviewing personal and business assets
2. Borrower could not find the means to pay off the subject debt

Decision: Not Eligible for SBA Loan

Why:    1. Recent charge off which could go to judgment.
2. FICO Score was not the issue

Eligibility Cure:

1. The Lender of choice was apprised of the situation and cured
the issue by including the $25,000 as working capital
2. The Borrower was allowed to use the working capital to pay off
the charged off debt at the closing.

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