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Refund Policy

A submitted non-refundable due diligence or underwriting fee will be fully refunded only in the event that a loan does not close due to Continental Finance Capital Corporation error or failure to perform as outlined in a “Letter of Interest” or other “Notice of Pre-Qualification”.

Refunds will not be issued on transactions that do not close because of borrower or broker misrepresentation, cancellations, delays, inability of borrower or broker to meet documentation or information requests, failure of borrower or broker to read and understand a “Letter of
Interest” or other “Notice of Pre-Qualification”, as well as borrower or broker omission of necessary facts, acts of fraud, or due to adverse results of third-party reports which includes but not limited to the following: environmental issues, title issues, judgments, tax liens or any issue disclosed on an appraisal (including lower than anticipated appraised value).