Joel Soforenko, CEO

Joel has twenty years of experience in the lending industry along with many years of experience working in the legal field.

He started out as a residential loan officer and helped hundreds of borrowers to purchase or refinance their homes. He became active in the private lending field during this time assisting investors with their purchase/rehab projects.

While also being active in commercial lending, he transitioned into this field full time during the years of the great recession. His ability to work with challenged Borrowers and challenging transactions made him an indispensable guide for those Borrowers who engaged his services.

Thereafter, Joel worked for a national lending platform and became a knowledgeable and experienced SBA Professional – second to none. This included his being named the Manager of the SBA Department. His ability to sought out transaction issues and come up with creative solutions to these issues made him a sought after guide.

The many years of lending experience culminated in Joel founding this lending company. His consultative approach is sought after throughout the business community.