Business Loans With Collateral

Loan Programs


Start Ups

Based on Minimum Credit of 680 & Collateral

Accnt Receivable

Factoring – Any regular invoicing of 90 days or less


LTV is 20% - 35%

Purchase Order

Based on strength of Buyer

Equip Perch & Refi

LTV to 70% (higher with cross-collateral)

Equip Sale – Lease

LTV to 100% (based on strength and cross-collateral)

Equip Leasing

Leasing with Option to purchase


Jewelry, Exotic Vehicles, Collector Vehicles, Stocks & Bonds
Art Work, Antiques, Collectibles, Other objects of value

Closing Time

10 – 20 Business Days

Documentation Type

Full Documents

Prepayment Pnlty

None (case by case exceptions)

The Continental Finance Difference

Nationwide Program
Restricted Industries – Contact Office
Loans for Any Purpose
Start-Up Loans Available – Based on Credit & Collateral
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